Indoor arena Prague - Radotín

Area: 11.102 m2
Track parameters: lenght 1300m, width 6m, turns 9m, 55 turns
Automatic elektronic timekeeping
Track types Amout of go.cart
Long track lenght: 1300m birel - Sport: 14 go-cart
Shortened track: 900m birel - Racing: 10 go-cart
Kids track: 300m Kid’s: 6 go-cart
Race Types  
Timed race (qualification): Racers ride for 10 minutes and a computer finds the fastest lap time for each of the riders, from all lap times that were measured in 10 minutes and determines the final placements of the racers.
Placement race: Each riders placement at the start is determined from the qualification. Racers race for a predetermined number of laps. The winner is the one who first gets past the finish line on their final lap.
Endurance race: Teams are made of two or more riders and race for 1 to 24 hours, where the riders from one team switch out on only one go-cart. The winning team is the one that achieves the most laps in the given time-limit. When both teams achieved the same amount of laps the winner is the one who first passed the finish line on their final lap.