Go-carts and what you should know:

Only riders above the age of 15 are allowed to race on the long track.

A driver's license is not required to use the go-carts.

The go-carts have simple controls: 2 pedals: left foot brakes, right foot gas; no shifting gears.

Great caution must be taken when driving because the ratio of steering to turning is 1:1 (normal cars have a ratio of 4:1).

The go-cart reacts immediately to any steering wheel movement, it is recommended that the first lap be done with care, before you get used to driving.

If a crash with another go-cart or the barrier occurs, after which you can no longer start the go-cart, Do not leave the go-cart !! Stay seated and wave at a technician, who will assist you immediately.

Always think of the safety of you and those around you and never purposely crash into the barrier or other go-carts. If you see a person on the track, lower your speed and try to ensure that you do not hit the person !!